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Founded in 1981, COMPUTEX TAIPEI is an important platform for global newsletter and IoT technology applications. It is also an important platform for global new ventures to collaborate with the global ICT industry. To witness the historic moment of industrial development and transformation, and become a professional exhibition of ICT.

Acer, AMD, Asus, Broadcom, Corning, Delta, Ford, Gigabyte, Hisense, Intel, MediaTek, Microsoft, MSI, NVIDIA, SanDisk, Transcend and many other domestic and foreign flagship manufacturers will use COMPUTEX TAIPEI as a new product and technology application. Good stage.

Due to its geographical location, COMPUTEX TAIPEI has also become the premier procurement platform for Asian players and an important gateway for Asian ICT operators in Asia. With the development of the global telecom industry, COMPUTEX keeps pace with the times. In 2017, it focuses on “constructing the global science and technology ecosystem”, focusing on “artificial intelligence and robots (AI and robots)”, “IoT technology application noise ratio (IoT application) "," "Innovation and Innovation (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)", "Business Solutions (Business Solutions)" and "E-sports and Virtual Reality (Game and VR)" and other five themes.


Taiwan's manufacturing and high-tech industries are developed, and semiconductor, IT, communications, and electronic precision manufacturing are leading the world. Taiwan is regarded as a global competitive IT manufacturing kingdom. It has a complete industrial chain in the middle and lower reaches of ICT, in notebook computers, tablet PCs, motherboards, servers, foundry, LCD monitors, WLAN, PND, etc. Projects account for the leading market share in manufacturing worldwide. In recent years, Taiwan has transformed from the past ODM/OEM model to expertise, intellectual property and management skills. Many Taiwanese manufacturers and successful brands have been marketed globally, which has further strengthened Taiwan's position in the global ICT industry.


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