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A new FTTH outdoor cable has been successfully developed

          A new FTTH outdoor cable has been successfully developed.Recently, a new FTTH outdoor cable which can satisfy the solution of FTTH has been successfully developed.It is understood that this FTTH outdoor cable can share a communication channel with other cables or optical cables, thus saving the space for laying optical cables, bringing great convenience for the construction of operators, and reducing the cost of laying optical cables of operators.

        Each subunit of the FTTH outdoor cable contains bending-loss insensitive fiber and arrayon yarn.In addition to the tight sleeve of aramid yarn, cable structure without other strengthening units.This structural design can greatly improve the fiber to the door and into the home with the efficiency of the cable docking.When docking with the optical fiber into the home, the construction personnel only need to cut a small mouth on the outer sheath, can easily and quickly extract a single optical fiber unit, and splice the optical fiber in the connector box, and then disk in the optical fiber connector box, or directly introduce the optical fiber unit into the user's home. 


       With the diversified development of indoor fiber optic cable application scenarios, users' demand for fiber optic cables is constantly changing, the future application scope of trunk wiring may be completely unknown, it is relatively difficult to plan the wiring system in the building in advance.In this case, according to different applications, the use of vertical cable for separate vertical wiring access scheme emerged.The continuous development of FTTH network requires higher and higher branch density of opticalcable.Therefore, for indoor comprehensive wiring, the development trend of FTTH outdoor cable in the future will be the fiber optic cable with convenient and reliable branches and fast wiring. Therefore, the fiber optic cable easy to branch and connect is an important aspect to be considered in the structural design and application of fiber optic cable.This newly developed new FTTH outdoor cable is designed to meet this demand.

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