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Advantages of Industrial POE Ethernet Switches

Advantages of Industrial POE Ethernet Switches.

• VLAN to prevent broadcast storms
• 1 1 redundant fiber
• 150m extra copper transmission
• 6KV lightning protection
• Wide operating temperature (-40 ° C ~ 85 ° C)
• IP40 dustproof

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) industrial switches refer to some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, WLAN access points, APs) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. Network cameras, etc.), while transmitting data signals, can also provide DC power supply technology for such devices.

PoE industrial switches feature carrier-grade performance to withstand harsh environments. With a wide range of products and flexible port configurations, it can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The product adopts wide temperature design, the protection level is not lower than IP30\IP40, and supports standard and private ring network redundancy protocols.


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