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Describe the composition of optical cable fiber cables

Describe the composition of optical cable fiber cables.Optical cable fiber cables consists of two basic parts: a core made of transparent optical materials and a cladding and coating layer.What are the basic parameters that describe the transmission characteristics of fiber optic lines?It includes loss, dispersion, bandwidth, cut-off wavelength, mode field diameter, etc.What causes optical cable fiber cables attenuation?Optical cable fiber cables attenuation refers to the decrease of light power between two cross-sections of an optical cable fiber cables, which is related to wavelength.The main causes of attenuation are scattering, absorption and light loss caused by connectors and connectors.

Material of loose tube with good temperature property and high Young's modulus, the tubes filled with moisture resistant gel for fibers to ensure the long term stability in transmission for two long wavelength windows.

The central strength member are made by high Young's modulus steel wire.

The loose tubes filles with moisture-proof and water blocking compound.

Longitudinal corrugated steel tape laminated at both sides bonding to PE sheath ensures not only radial moisture-proof but also reinforces the crush resistance.

HDPE jacket possesses good ultra violet radiation resistant property.(

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