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Detailed knowledge of fiber converter

               Here is detailed knowledge of fiber converter.Fiber optic transceiver, also called fiber converter in many places, is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that interchanges short distance electrical signals with long distance optical signals.Fiber converter is generally used in the actual network environment where Ethernet cable cannot be covered and optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance.For example: monitoring the transmission of high-definition video images of security projects;It has also played a big role in helping to connect the last kilometre of fibre-optic lines to metropolitan networks and beyond.

              Fiber converter also provides an inexpensive solution for users who lack the money, manpower or time to upgrade their systems from copper to fiber.The purpose of fiber converter is to convert the electrical signals we want to send into optical signals and send them to the receiving end.In simple terms, fiber converter converts optical and electrical signals to and from each other.Input optical signal from optical port, output electrical signal from electrical port, and vice versa.The process is roughly as follows: the electrical signal is converted into optical signal, which is transmitted through optical fiber. At the other end, the optical signal is converted into electrical signal, and then connected to routers, switches and other devices.



              As a result, fiber converter is generally used in pairs.For example, the fiber converter in your carrier's (telecom, mobile, unicom) computer (and possibly other devices) and in your home.If you want to use fiber converter to set up your own LAN, you'll have to use it in pairs.Just like a normal switch, fiber converter can be plugged in and used without configuration.

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