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Dubai Intersec fair will be held on January 20-22

The Middle East (Dubai) INTERSEC is hosted by Messe Frankfurt and is the largest professional fire safety product exhibition in the Middle East. The show covers all major products in the fire and security sector, and the number of professional buyers has risen year after year. With its strong publicity and brand recognition, Messe Frankfurt has made INTERSEC the best way for safe fire companies to enter the Middle East.

The construction industry in the Middle East is developing rapidly, and its market demand value accounts for 19% of local GDP (about US$26.073 billion). The demand for fire-fighting and safety-related ancillary products has also grown rapidly with the development of the construction industry. According to the estimation of the organizer, the market for non-military security and fire protection systems in the region has a market demand of 1.35 billion US dollars per year, and the annual market growth rate of security products has reached 10%. The security industry is a fast-growing market in the Middle East, as local safety technology and equipment production is estimated to reach approximately $2.1 billion by 2017, and business is expected to increase by 550%. And in the next few years, more than 60,000 buildings and assets will be installed in Dubai. The installation of the alarm system will be a mandatory law to ensure and enhance urban safety. The Gulf region is also a challenging market for global fire protection companies, and investors in the infrastructure, construction and industrial sectors are constantly improving the fire safety of commercial and residential buildings. More importantly, fire warning and rescue problems in high-rise buildings are becoming more and more prominent.

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