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Fiber Attenuator was an optical device that could attenuate the signal energy

          Fiber Attenuator was an optical device that could attenuate the signal energy.Used for attenuation of input optical power, avoiding distortion of optical receiver due to super input optical power.

         As an optical passive device, optical fiber attenuator is used for debugging optical power performance in optical communication system, calibration and correction of debugging optical fiber instrument, and optical fiber signal attenuation.The product is made of attenuated optical fibers mixed with metal ions, which can adjust the optical power to the required level.

         The test system of optical fiber attenuator has the characteristics of high attenuation precision, low additional loss and good stability.Main applications: optical fiber communication system, optical fiber CATV, high power optical device measurement.

         According to the type of port, it can be divided into four types:


         SC optical fiber attenuator: used for SC optical fiber interface, it looks very similar to the rj-45 interface, but the SC interface is more flat, the obvious difference is the contact piece inside, if it is 8 thin copper contact piece, it is the rj-45 interface, if it is a copper column, it is the SC optical fiber interface.

         LC optical fiber attenuator: used in LC optical fiber interface, connector connecting SFP module, it is made of convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism.Routers are commonly used.

         FC optical fiber attenuator: it is applied to FC optical fiber interface. The external reinforcing way is metal sleeve and the fastening way is screw buckle.In general, it is used on the ODF side, mostly on the distribution frame.

ST optical fiber attenuator: used in ST optical fiber interface, often used in optical fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, the way of fastening screw.For a 10base-f connection, the connector is typically of type ST.Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame.

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