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Fiber Media Converter AOM 3102 Hot Selling

AOM-3102 Serial 10/100/1000M Fiber Media Converter translates the signal from Two twist-pair 10/100/1000Base-T cable to 1000Base-X fiber optic cable, extends data transmission distance from 100m via copper cables to 120km by fiber optic cable.



Photoelectric converter (also known as fiber optic transceiver), with 100M optical transceiver and Gigabit optical transceiver, is a fast Ethernet, its data transmission rate of 1Gbps, still using CSMA / CD access control mechanism It is compatible with existing Ethernet. With the support of the cabling system, the original Fast Ethernet can be smoothly upgraded and the original investment of the user can be fully protected. Gigabit network technology has become the technology of choice for new networks and transformations. The performance requirements for integrated wiring systems are also increased. Among them, there are industrial grades and commercial ones. The general commercial type has lower parameter indexes and narrower scopes; industrial grades have better performance and are suitable for industrial environments.

The Gigabit Ethernet standard was developed by IEEE802.3 and currently has 802.3z support and 802.3ab two cabling standards. Among them, 802.3ab is based on the twisted pair wiring standard, using 4 pairs of Category 5 twisted pair, the maximum transmission distance is 100 microns. The 802.3z support is based on the Fibre Channel standard. There are three media used: the 1000Base-LX specification: This specification is a multi-mode and single-mode fiber parameter for long-distance use, where the multimode fiber transmission distance is 300 (550 m, The transmission distance of single-mode fiber is 3000 meters. This specification requires the use of relatively expensive long-wave laser transceivers. 1000Base-SX specification: This specification is a parameter for multi-mode fiber used in short distance, using multimode fiber and low-cost short-wave CD (compactdisc) or VCSEL laser with a transmission distance of 300 (550) meters. 1000BASE-CX specification: short-distance shielded twisted pair STP with a transmission distance of 25 m and mainly used for short jumper cables in wiring closets Connect high-performance servers to high-speed peripherals.


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