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High Quality Fiber Media Converter for selling


Optical transceivers break the 100-meter limitation of Ethernet cables in data transmission. By relying on high-performance switching chips and large-capacity caches, the optical transceivers provide balanced traffic and isolation conflicts while realizing non-blocking transmission switching performance. Detection of errors and other functions to ensure high security and stability during data transmission.



The AOM-3100D serial 10/100/1000M fiber-optic media converter converts signals from twisted-pair 10/100/1000Base-T cables into 1000Base-X fiber-optic cables and extends data transmission distances from 100 meters to 100km via fiber optics. Cable. Cable, support LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) function. The fiber optic media converter has a suitable operating temperature of -20~65oC and a storage temperature of -40~85oC. If you are interested in this fiber media converter, please contact us or visit our website


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