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Industrial POE Ethernet Switch

In addition to meeting the high-speed data forwarding requirements of traditional switches, Industrial POE Ethernet switches also solve the problems of rapid deployment, late operation and maintenance, and single value of traditional switches. It has thin mode zero configuration online, graphically centralized configuration of all switches, one button. Replacing old equipment, visualizing switch status, and providing more security value-added features, including network security portraits, terminal security portraits, and account security portraits, make IT network operation and maintenance easier, safer, and more valuable!


Industrial POE Ethernet switches can meet the networking requirements of large-scale networks and have rich intelligence and security features. They are suitable for access devices as large campus networks, enterprise networks, and IP metropolitan area networks.

Advantages of industrial POE Ethernet switches:
* VLAN to prevent broadcast storms
* 1 1 redundant fiber
* 150m extra copper transmission
* 6KV lightning protection
* Wide operating temperature (-40 ̊C~85 ̊C)
* IP40 dustproof


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