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New technology product LC Uniboot patch cord

New technology product LC Uniboot patch cord


  • Integrated push pull tab for ease of access and handling
  • Low profile design reduces patching footprint
  • Round 2 mm DX fibre design minimises patch cable volume and enhances looming neatness
  • Low loss, high performance multimode connectors to minimise channel losses

Founded in 2008 at Shenzhen China, AOA Technology (Also registered: Shenzhen Lead Technology Co.,Ltd.) has been continuously dedicated to providing high-quality fiber optic products at a competitive price. Our products range from Fiber Passive Components, Active Devices, Cable Management, FTTH products and so on. All of our products are used in various fields (and are widely accepted in many countries); they include: Telecommunication; Urban Traffic/Railway/Highway; Safe City; Industrial Automation; Electric Power; New Energy; CCTV/Security/Surveillance; Military Industry.

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