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Our company will participate in SECUTECH held in Taipei in May.


As the largest regional business platform for professionals in the security, mobility, building automation and fire safety solution sectors, Secutech is the annual gathering place for key players from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries looking for integrated security systems and smart solutions powered by AI analytics and IoT technologies.


Secutech is the only security (original manufacturing) security show in the world. Since its inception in 1998, Secutech Taiwan has successfully attracted original manufacturers. For Chinese exhibitors, they are on the same stage with Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Let buyers see your strength and have the opportunity to invite buyers to the factory to visit the production management and R&D team and let them know you. More trust, this is the irreplaceable value of Secutech.

Highly intelligent and customized market use requirements force the integration of various technologies to accelerate, while security technology and ICT technology play an indispensable role in various smart applications. For this reason, Secutech has only focused on security, but focused on safety technology, expanding its integration with AI artificial intelligence, deep learning, and IoT transmission. From the market-oriented perspective, the new development of the industry has enabled the creation of cross-border technology integration. Smart applications have more market value.

Founded in 2008 at Shenzhen China, AOA Technology has been continuously dedicated to design and manufacture high-quality fiber optic products.                        

Main products: Industrial Switch/Converter, POE Switch/Converter, SFP transceivers.                                      

Application fields: Industrial Automation, Smart traffic, Safety City, New Energy etc.       

Reference case:  200+ clients from 60+ countries.

Shenzhen AOA Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: 5F,C1 Building,Hengchao Industry Park,Tangtou Road,Shiyan,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

Post Code: 51803

Tel: +86-755-83553915-8008

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