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The SFP fiber Ethernet switch is a high-performance Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch for service providers.

The switch provides uplink ports 4 * COMBO (4x10 / 100 / 1000Base-T or 4 * 1000Base-X SFP slots) and 24 * 1000BaseX SFP slots on the downstream ports. The switch is modeled after the AFS3028. It is designed for emerging Ethernet-based FTTX applications. The switch is versatile and versatile. It is suitable for access networks and small and medium-sized private networks. The appearance is 19 inches, only 1U. The switch chip uses a high-standard rack and uses the latest PHY integration product portfolio in the United States, with the highest Gigabit port density, providing users with the best price/performance ratio.


AFS3028 series switches mainly include FTTx, optical LAN, industrial Ethernet, Ethernet-based high reliability industrial distributed control system (DCS) and optical digital video surveillance system. Supports universal hot swap SFP optical modules. It can be connected to fiber switches, optical transceivers and various types of terminals, including fiber optic interfaces. It supports ultra-high definition video streaming, simplifies network architecture, and provides up to 56Gbps of switching capacity. It can meet the different needs of large-scale network convergence or small and medium-sized network cores. All ports support wire-speed forwarding and MDI / MDIX auto-flip functionality for plug-and-play operation without management.


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