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The functions and advantages of the 2GX4GT High Quality managed switch

       The 2GX4GT High Quality managed switch has his unique strengths.The 2GX4GT High Quality  managed switch has its corresponding management IP address. The main function that needs to be implemented is the redundant ring network configuration. (Adding a network backup link to enhance the network reliability. In this case, you need to log in to the switch through the management IP address to set the corresponding ring. The network redundancy protocol prevents the network loop caused by the network loop, and the VLAN (virtual local area network) setting can be used to realize the isolation between the ports of the switch, that is, the communication between the ports on the same switch, and the like. Some features see the advantages and disadvantages of the two types below. Unmanaged switches do not have management IP, which is a fool-type switch that can be plugged in to achieve network port expansion.

     1. Functions and advantages of the 2GX4GT High Quality  managed switch1. The backplane has a large bandwidth and the data forwarding speed is faster.

     2.Flexible networking, applying the access layer of large and medium-sized networks.

     3.The ports provided are flexible. According to the application of the network, different interface formats such as SFP, GE, fast Ethernet port, and Ethernet port are selected.

     4.Supporting the division of vlan, users can divide the area for different applications and effectively control and manage the network. Progress has curbed the broadcast storm.

     5.The data throughput (Throughput) of the network management switch is large, the packet loss rate (PacketLoss) is small, and the delay (Latency) is low.

     6.Data flow control can be performed based on source, destination, and network segment.


     7.Link aggregation allows the switch and the switch, as well as the switch and the server to be bound together through multiple Ethernet ports to achieve load balancing.

     8. with ARP protection, progress to reduce network ARP spoofing

     9.Binding with a MAC address.

     10.Port mirroring can copy the traffic and status of one port to another port of the switch for supervision.

     11. support for DHCP functions.

    12.access control list It can control IP packets, such as limiting its traffic, access and provide QoS, etc.

    13.It has better security performance: the switch can perform MAC address filtering, MAC address locking, and can construct a static MAC forwarding table.

    14.Supports IEEE802.1Q and port-based VLANs. GVRP (GARP, VLAN Registration Protocol) and GMRP (GARP Multicast Registration Protocol) involved in IEEE 802.1Q VLAN are also widely supported.

    15.with SNMP function, can better manage and control the network.

    16. easy to expand, flexible application, can be managed by 2GX4GT High Quality  managed switch software, or remote access through its own access control. Increase the security and controllability of your network.

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