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What are the problems and solutions of media converter?


Solution: Aging test the power supply to reduce the repair rate.


Solution: Built-in Lightning protection chipset inside the media converter.


(A) suggest to use SFP slot media converter. If the module is broken, then the user can change the module by themselves.

(B) suggest to use LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) Function.

LFP: If TP port is unplugged, this converter stops transmission on fiber port. This causes the remote fiber node link to fail. That can protect the module in disconnection.


4.1. Power light does not shine -Power failure

(A) check the power

4.2. FX Link light does not shine there may be the following:

(A) Check whether the fiber optic lines broken

(B) Check whether the fiber line loss is too large, over a range of equipment receives

(C) Check that the fiber optic interface is properly connected, local TX and RX distant connection, distant TX RX local connection.

Single optical fiber transceiver must be used in pair(A,B)

A: TX1310/RX1550nm  B: TX1550/RX1310nm.

(D) Check the fiber optic connector is inserted into the device interface, Fiber patch cord type match with the device interface, device type and fiber match, whether the equipment transfer length matches the distance is intact.


4.3. TX Link light does not shine failure may be the following:

(A) Check whether the copper cable disconnection

(B) Check whether the connection type match: network cards and routers, and other devices use a crossover cable, switches, hubs, and other equipment using the straight line.

(C) checking equipment transfer rate matches


4.4. Network packet loss the serious possible failure are as follows:

(A) transceiver electrical port and network device interface, or both ends of the device interface duplex mode mismatch.

(B) twisted-pair RJ-45 head detect

(C) optical fiber connection jumper alignment device interface, pigtails and jumpers and coupler type matches.

4.5. Fiber Media Converter connect both ends can not communicate

(A) Fibre reverse the TX and RX are connected to the optical fiber swap

(B) RJ45 interface with external devices not connected properly (note that direct splicing)

Optical fiber interface (ceramic ferrule) do not match, this failure is mainly reflected in the transceiver 100M with optical mutual control function, such as APC ferrule pigtails received PC ferrule on the transceiver can not communicate properly, but then non- the photoelectric interaction control transceiver has no effect.


4.6. Communication for some time after the crash, that can not communicate back to normal after re-starting

This phenomenon is generally caused by a switch to switch on all data received CRC error detection and length check, check out the error packets will be discarded, the correct packet will be forwarded out. Some of the process error packets can not be detected in the CRC error detection and length checksum this packet forwarding process will not be sent out, it will not be discarded, they will accumulate in the dynamic cache (buffer), can never be sent accumulation in wait until the buffer is full, it will cause the switch to crash the phenomenon. Because transceiver restart or re-starting switch can make communication back to normal, so users often think that the problem of the transceiver.



5.Fiber media converter test methods in order to find out the cause of the malfunction

(A) the proximal end of test:

Both ends of the computer on the PING PING through that fiber media converters. Proximal test is not a failure of communication can be judged for fiber optic transceivers.

(B) Remote Test:

Both ends of the computer whether normal and fiber media converters transmit and receive power whether the allowed range of PING, PING not General must check the optical path connection. PING the General Clauses prove optical path connection. The problem is to determine fault in the switch.

(C) Remote test to determine the point of failure:

First one end of the switch, both ends of the PING if no fault can be judged by the fault of the other switches.

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