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What is a fiber adapter?

What is a fiber adapter?Optical fiber adapter (also known as flange), also known as optical fiber connector, is the optical fiber connector on the connection part.Optical fiber connector is the most used optical passive device in optical fiber communication system. Most optical fiber connector consists of three parts: two optical fiber connector and a coupler.Two optical fiber connectors are installed into two optical fiber ends;The coupler ACTS as a aligning sleeve.In addition, the coupler is equipped with metal or non-metal flange, so as to facilitate the installation and fixation of the connector.

The two ends of the optical fiber adapter can be inserted into different interface types of optical fiber connector, to achieve FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000 and other different interface conversion, widely used in optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, instruments, etc., superior performance, stable and reliable.There are optical fiber adapters on the market called optical fiber connectors, which are actually two different products.

Optical fiber connectors come in various forms. The connector commonly used in EPON network is APC connector. The end face of APC is ground into an 8-degree Angle for the purpose of reducing reflection.The APC connector features precision, predetermined angles, predetermined radii, and pre-polished sleeves that provide superior performance and can be used with compact key configurations with or without tt-fc standards.

According to the different application range and requirements of optical fiber adapter, in order to fix on various panels, optical fiber adapter also designed a variety of fine fixed flange, adapter adapter adapter can connect different types of optical fiber jumper interface, and provide the connection between different sections, double or multiple connections can improve the installation density.According to the different shape, structure and butt section, fiber adapter can be generally divided into the following common models: FC, SC, ST, LC, fc-sc, fc-st, st-sc, in addition to some revolution in the transfer of optical adapter.

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