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With the development of industrial Ethernet, how to survive the era of a hundred schools of thought

          With the development of industrial Ethernet, how to survive the era of a hundred schools of thought.From commercial application to industrial automation, Ethernet has experienced the development and breakthrough of technology. In the future, as long as some defects in the development of the industry are solved, it can bring more vitality to the field of industrial control.

         The so-called industrial Ethernet is not only technically compatible with commercial Ethernet, but also an industrial communication network that meets the requirements of industrial field applicability, real-time performance, stability, security and operability by considering materials, strength and standard protocols in product design.At present, with the development of industrial automation, intelligent trend of increasingly exposed, such as PLC, industrial software, industrial robots, represented by the industrial equipment industry won a fast-growing market, in order to bring the equipment form a complete automation, intelligent solutions, be badly in need of a network for each component in series.As a result, industrial Ethernet is evolving and growing, driven by the need for factory equipment, system integration, and the industrial Internet of things.



         In recent years, the "made in China 2025" strategy was proposed and further, to drive a batch of smart factory appear in all over the world, and in the factories, automation of production is on the one hand, digital security and on the other hand, the two aspects of demand gives industrial Ethernet data transmission, equipment control, security monitoring, and other functions of the opportunity, make industrial Ethernet become power intelligent plant an important part of high speed, safety, energy saving operation.In this case, the data shows that the market for industrial Ethernet is growing faster every year than ever before.As of 2017, the global industrial Ethernet growth rate reached a new high, with a growth rate of 22%, and the market share increased from 38% in the previous year to 46%, showing a rapid boom in the market development.In terms of technology, the development of fast Ethernet and switched Ethernet technology has turned the non-deterministic problem of industrial Ethernet into a turning point and effectively improved the communication certainty and real-time performance. The development of related network technologies has also guaranteed the stability and reliability of industrial Ethernet.At the same time, the emergence of various protocols also satisfies the interoperability condition of industrial Ethernet and solves the real-time communication problem between field devices in the field of industrial process control.



         Nowadays, with the advantages of wide application, low price, fast communication speed, abundant software and hardware products, and relatively mature support technology, Ethernet has been widely used in the resource management and executive manufacturing layer of industrial automation system, and has been showing the trend of extending to the industrial control field.During the implementation of this trend, within a period of time, industrial Ethernet will be combined with field bus to provide a safe, stable and efficient network for industrial control field through the combination of the two.                          

       When the technology and market are more mature, field bus will eventually be completely replaced.In general, industrial Ethernet technology applied in the industrial field devices directly communication between has become the trend of The Times, the international electrotechnical commission and other related organizations has drafted Ethernet standards, intended to promote the application of Ethernet technology in the field of industrial control system, the universities research institutions in our country has obtained the corresponding technological breakthroughs, for the Ethernet in the industrial field devices communication between the application of cleaning the main obstacle.

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