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SFP-4213L-10 4.25Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver 10km Reach

Description of this SFP-4213L-10 4.25Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver 10km Reach Features Supports up to 4.25Gbps bit rates Hot-pluggable SFP+ footprint 1310nm DFB laser and PIN photodiode, Up to 10km fo

FTTH Terminal Box ATB8602

FTTH Terminal Box ATB8602 for selling.

LC Bare Fiber Optic Adapter

LC Bare Fiber Optic Adapter can link bared optic and light source ,testing equipment, light appearance etc, and the products used for test appearance and temporary conjunction between fiber optics extensively (repair fiber optic cable urgently).

SFP-D12XXL-80 DWDM SFP Optical Transceiver 80 Km

Wavelength selectable to C-band and L-band ITU-T grid wavelengths Suitable for use in 100GHz channel spacing DWDM systems DWDM SFP MSA Compliant Up to 2. 667Gb/s data rate Cold Start up Wavelength Compliance Low Power Dissipation <1.3W Maximum -5ºC to 70ºC Operating Case Temperature Diagnostic Performance Monitoring of module temperature, supplyVoltages, laser bias current, transmit optical power, receive optical power,laser temperature and TEC current Extended link budget with APD receiver technology OC48/STM-16 Long Reach 80km(1600 ps/nm), 120km(2400 ps/nm) Versions

FC Female-male Fiber Optic Adapter

The optical Fiber Adapter is the connection part in the active optical connectors. AOA offers the full range of adapters including FC,SC,ST and hybrid adapters. These adapters are widely used in ODF, optic-fiber communications equipment, optical fiber instruments etc.

Steel tube PLC Splitter PLC-S-202

The 2x2 Steel tube PLC Splitter devices have high performance in terms of low insertion loss, low PDL, high return loss and excellent uniformity over a wide wavelength range from 1260nm to 1620nm and working in temperature from -40°C to +80°C. The PLC Optical Splitters have standard configurations of 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 and 1x32 configurations, as well as customized structures of 2x8, 2x16, 2x32.